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Frequently Asked Questions & Nice to Know Facts

How to dress warmly?

Weather can vary very much depending on the season, but it's always better to wear more clothes. You will  lot of outdoors, so warm clothes are definitely needed. The basis of good winter dress is to wear several layers of clothing and have dry socks and shoes We can provide thermal overalls and boots if needed. 


What if it's too cold?

If it is very cold, we can negotiate possible changes to the program, depending on the situation and the wishes of the customers. For children the limit on 3h safari is -25 degrees. If there is more than -30 degrees, the program is only suitable for experienced outdoor enthusiasts.



How to behave with reindeer?

Always act calmly near reindeer. Do not touch them unless a guide gives you a permission. Never touch a reindeer on its head or antlers. Reindeer are very nice and friendly and they won't hurt you on purpose, but their antlers are very sharp and powerful, so they might accidentally hit you if you are standing too close. Remember that reindeer is semi-wild animal. 


Instructions for ride

Guide will give you instructions how to sit on a sleigh and how to ride a reindeer. Remember to listen carefully. Do not use a flash on a safari.

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