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Tatuka Reindeer Farm

Reindeer is an integral part of nature and culture in northern Finland and reindeer herding is based on traditional knowledge and skills. The reindeer herder himself must adapt to the natural lifestyle of the reindeer in all seasons.

Reindeer herding is still the oldest of the existing northern industries. It is an important employer and maintainer of village vitality.

The reindeer is a semi-wild animal that lives most of its time free in the northern forests. New calves are born in the spring and will follow their mother for a long time. In the fall, reindeer herders gather together the animals for reindeer separation and marks reindeer with earmarks to identify the new ones in the future. 

Nowadays, tourism also provides new sources of income for reindeer herders in addition to traditional reindeer herding.

At the farm of Tatuka, reindeer herding has been practiced for at least five generations and the family still continues traditional reindeer husbandry and also offers unforgettable safari activities for travellers.

Guests can explore the reindeer farm's everyday life with farm visits. Experimental safari services are also offered with delicious Lappish food services. However, everything happens under the conditions of the normal life rhythm of the reindeer, ethically.

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